What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving meals often provide more food than most can eat, so it’s no wonder this holiday is most common for having leftover food. If you’re sick of turkey sandwiches then check out my list of ideas for what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

My soup!


  1. Make a Stew or Soup. Take that turkey carcass, some leftover veggies (or maybe some fresh unused carrots, celery, and onions you have laying around in your fridge drawer), and create a stock. Add some bay leaves, rosemary and thyme along with some vegetable boullion cubes for extra flavor. Once your stock is made, add rice and cook until ready (but make sure there’s more liquid than you need so the rice doesn’t soak it all up. Otherwise you can cook rice separate and just add it in the stock once you remove the carcass. Next, add turkey chunks and….. drumroll please… leftover GRAVY! Yes you heard that right, add the gravy to punch up the flavor a notch!
  2. Make a Casserole. Layer up the mashed potatoes veggies, stuffing, turkey, gravy, and anything else in any order you like. Heat it up and serve. Get creative here, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Turkey Cranberry Risotto. I found this idea on Pinterest and it looks and sounds fabulous! Here is the recipe from reluctantentertainer.com
  4. Turkey Pot Pie or Shepard’s Pie. Cut that turkey up, use the gravy, use leftover or fresh veggies, and make a nice topping from biscuits (look for a low-fat biscuit recipe to stay on the healthy side). You can even make a crust or topping with leftover stuffing; I’ve seen it done on Pinterest for a Shepard’s Pie.
  5. Turkey Veggie Wraps. Cut up the turkey, take some veggies, toss in some cheese, and make your self a wrap. You can also use gravy or cranberry sauce instead of mayo. Sure this is close to a sandwich, but you can get creative by adding pecans, gorgonzola and use the cranberry sauce to tie it together. It’s funny how you can get more creative with a thin wrap than you can with thick bread slices!
  6. Pizza! You can make a turkey pizza any way you like, you just need to start with a crust and add what you want. If you’re using marinara sauce, I’d steer clear of using any cranberries on that type of pizza! You could always do a white-sauce Alfredo-type pizza with turkey.
  7. Biscuits and Gravy. Try some sliced up turkey biscuits and gravy.
  8. Enchiladas. Make turkey enchiladas, but leave out the other thanksgiving sides if you want! The only other side that might be good in the enchiladas is the green bean casserole.

Well I could only come up with eight ideas so far, but if you have any more ideas or suggestions, please share them so we can all have a list of ideas to pull from. Hope you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving.