Support Your Friends

I’ve posted about it before and I’ll post it again and again… always offer support. Whether you support local farmers, local businesses, your family or you support your friends it’s rewarding on both ends.

This week I’ve been in ultra support mode. I bought from the local farmers market on Saturday, today I supported a new local business startup by buying his product at the store (he was taste-testing and I felt so compelled to buy it more for support even though it did taste good), I am seeing my friends band to help out and support them on Thursday, I shared and supported my friends non-profit project today and am going to see her Friday to support the cause more, and I shared a friends business today and am seeing her this Saturday to eat at her food truck. This isn’t all to say “I’m such a good person”… no… it’s to show that support is a selfless act of kindness and goes a long way in a friendship.

support your friends

Jenn Shires non-profit organization “Wings of Courage” 

I don’t always get to see my friends as often as I’d like since I’m in school, run a business (nutritional counseling and Blendhappy of course!), work for another business, am creating the product line, and I play sports. So when I get the chance to be there for my friends, there’s no better time then when it comes to supporting them.

Speaking of support, and Jenn’s project, offering support isn’t always for the positive things, support is also encouraged for those going through a rough time.

“When the going gets tough a true friend will stick by your side.”

Some people suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and that doesn’t solely occur from being at war, it can also occur in victims of assault or sexual abuse. When someone confides in another person about the strife they feel from abuse, it takes a lot of courage. Jenn’s project is about supporting and empowering sexual abuse victims, and I truly believe that’s the best thing we can do… offer support.

You know that warm fuzzy feeling, that feels good, and you only get when you do something good? Well know that when you take the time to be selfless and focus more on others rather than yourself, it feeds your soul and theirs.

Sometimes even if you’re going through a hard time yourself, and your friend is too and they come to you, try supporting your friend first and you’ll be surprised at just how much it inspires you to feel better too.

Also, I fully believe in support groups as a part of healing and read in one of my wellness books that “women with breast cancer who join support groups often have a 30% longer survival rate than those who don’t” (Wilbur, 2005). The mind is so much stronger than we know it to be, but this is a whole other topic I could delve into about your mind having the capability to self-heal. It’s just unfortunate when we aren’t aware of it’s capabilities yet, so in the meantime support is what feeds the mind and soul and helps a friendship grow <3


Wilbur, K. (2005). Foreword. Consciousness and Healing; Integral Approach to Mind-Body Medicine. Elsevier publishing. pp xxvii.