Simple Pleasures in Life

I absolutely love to travel. Sometimes I just want to pack up all my things and just go for three months of travel, but then I remember one-week vacations do me all the justice I need. I recently took a trip to Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, Mexico and although I enjoyed my time there, it gave me a chance to remember the simple pleasure in life.

Here is my personal list of little simple pleasures from the recent trip (and from many others I’ve taken as well).

1) Potable water. I am so grateful that here in the United States I can fill up my Brita water pitcher or use a PUR water filter system to drink the tap water. Although I have a water bill to pay, at least at restaurants it is free to drink, but it’s nice to have the convenience of potable water in my home. In may travels to Mexico, South America, Iraq and more… I could only drink bottled water and could only brush my teeth with bottled water too.

2) Being able to flush toilet paper. Okay, that probably sounds weird, but in Mexico and South America, you cannot flush the toilet paper, it needs to go in the waste bin. The first time I had to do this 2 years ago it seemed odd and gross. It can get stinky too, but even though it could be worse it was still weird to do. There’s something so satisfying about being able to wipe and toss in the toilet to flush and I’m not so sure why it is, but it is!

3) Being able to cook your own food at home. We stayed in a nice place by the beach, and we were lucky to have a stove and fridge

4) We have access to produce from around the world. I thought going to other countries I’d be able to buy exotic produce from a farm stand at a low price… and gee I was wrong! I enjoy my local farmers markets and am also partial to my favorite grocery store Central Market.

We have the luxary in this country to eat as healthy as we want. Organic, gluten free foods or low-sodium foods may not be as easily accessible in other places.

5) Pest control. The place we stayed at was infested with ants, I am so grateful my apartment takes cares of, and sprays for, pest.

6) Showers. I love a good shower anytime, but especially after a long sweaty day of sun and activities. When I was in Iraq there were times we’d go on long missions and have no chance for a shower for a week. This is when I’d improvise and take bottles of water and warm them in the sun all day and poke holes in them at night and have a make-shift shower. Baby wipes were also essential.

7) Being in good health. Being sick on a vacation is not ideal, but I took care of myself as best I could on that trip. I would’ve done anything to have my herbal teas with me, but I resorted to some over the counter medicine that helped.

8) Variety of food choices. I love have a variety of food choices where I live. I can eat Thai, Sushi, Indian, Vietnamese, French, Italian and more. I was eating Mexican food for four days in a row and just couldn’t go any longer. Mexican food has never been a favorite of mine, so it rough for me.

*Just for a fun fact about me… my favorite foods are Sushi, Thai, Mediterranean, BBQ, and of course raw organic paleo type dishes.

I love so many little simples pleasures…I love the simple pleasure of running a brush through my hair, the pleasure of smelling fresh flowers, the pleasure of taking the first sip of my juice or smoothie, the pleasure of laying in my soft temperpedic bed at night, and the soft swing of laying in a hammock. There are so many simple pleasures in life and those are just to name a few but the point I am getting at is there are so many little joys in life to be grateful for, but we often take them for granted. Start thinking about all the little things you’re grateful for, not just the big obvious things, and start enjoying life more!

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  1. Robert Thrash on April 14, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    I know exactly what you’re talking about as far as taking things for granted and enjoying the little things. I try to take a couple of minutes out of everyday and focus on something amazing or beautiful (usually a tree), and just relax and marvel at it. Also, here’s a tip if you’re ever in another ant infested room. It happened to me several years ago, I crumbled up some crackers everyday and put them on the other side of where the ants were coming in. They spent the whole time going back and forth to the cracker pile and never bothered me.