Show Your Talent to Raise Money for Nepal

With all the sadness in the news recently, I decided to skip doing a video about fitness or health last week. Instead I wanted to make a happy video and at the same time help raise money for the disaster in Nepal. Just by watching the video, you can help raise money for Nepal.

I’m already donating $100 on my own to the disaster relief for Nepal, but let’s raise more money for the cause!

So what do you think my hidden talent is?

Is it…

A: I am a belly dancer?

B: I am freakishly flexible and can put my leg over my head while putting my fist in my mouth?

C: I can do one hell-uva perfect cartwheel in 5-inch high heels?

Watch the video to find out!

What’s your hidden talent? Comment in the video to share it!

The point behind this concept is to take our minds off all the Baltimore Riot stuff and the sadness of the Nepal Earthquake. There’s already enough ugly in the world, but the riots are just adding to the absurdity of what people are capable of doing. So let’s have a talent show to put a smile on people’s faces and raise money for a good cause.

Share this video to help get more views to raise money, and feel free to make a video response of your talent and share on social media with hashtag