What to Eat Wednesday | Portion Control

It’s time for #WhatToEatWednesday but instead of giving you a meal plan this week, I want to give you a portion control plan and tell you about the importance of eating small amounts frequently and snacking in between (along with drinking PLENTY of water daily).

Did you ever notice so many cheap low-quality food places offer “super size” “large” or “extra large” and just “more for less” overall? Even if you go to a chain restaurant like Applebee’s or Chili’s do you notice how they pile the plate with meat and fries? Yet, when a person goes to a nice restaurant and the fine food is a smaller portion people complain; that’s how we should eat! Smaller portions and more frequent healthy meals and snacks.

The more water you drink, the more active you are, the more small frequent HEALTHY foods you eat… the more your metabolism speeds up and you lose weight! It’s really that simple.

So how much and how often should you eat?

Portion Control

First off… know what a real serving size should look like.

portion control


Make a meal plan and stick to it! Here’s a sample of what it should look like.

  • Wake: Drink 8oz or more of water
  • Breakfast
  • Snack and water
  • Lunch and water
  • Snack and water
  • Dinner and water
  • Snack (optional) and water

It’s that easy! Do NOT, I mean it… do not skip a meal (especially breakfast) because you think it will help you lose weight. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, you’ll keep on weight or start to gain it since your body is trying to compensate for food if it gets used to you skipping a meal, so it will store fat for later use! That is why breakfast is so essential, you are “breaking the fast” and giving your body nourishment so it won’t need to store more fat just to get what it needs. I hope this makes sense to you!

I do custom meal plan for people that hire me to do so, so if you’re in need of exactly what nutrients you should eat or avoid… contact me!

Just a few ideas for some quick healthy snacks to have with you on the go:

1. Kind Bars – My favorite bars ever! So many different flavors to choose from too! My recent favorite is Cherry Chocolate. But I recommend not to eat more than one a day if you’re trying to cut back on calories and fat since nuts are naturally higher in fat, though it’s a healthy fat, it’s still a good idea to just do one. If you’re active, two a day at most is fine.

2. Dried/dehydrated or freeze dried Fruit

3.Real fresh fruit and Veggies are another option

4. Yogurt is my other favorite option for the probiotic benefits

5. Seeds! Sunflower or pumpkin.

Those are just five of many ideas, but overall don’t fall for getting more for less (especially because that stuff is made from junk and not quality food at all), stick to portion control, drink tons of water, and exercise and you’ll be off to a good start for a healthy lifestyle!