Perfect Pullup exercises

Have you seen the Perfect Pull-up bar? The all-in-one at home gym? Do you have one? It’s been out for a looong time, but I have enjoyed mine for the past five years and decided it was time to share my at-home workouts with the world. Most people think the Perfect Pullup bar is for just pull-ups, but there are at least 16 Perfect Pullup exercises that you should be doing to improve arm, core, abs, back, chest, shoulder, and leg strength.

I like to start with pull-ups three ways:

1. Wide Arm Pull-ups. (works chest, back, shoulders)

2. Hammer Pull-ups (works chest, back, shoulders)

3. Chin ups (works biceps, back, shoulders)

Then I like to do Pushups three ways with the bar on the floor:

1. Close hand 2. Wide arm 3. Regular

Next I like to do my leg extensions, then leg curls, then leg twists. All which work legs and core.

You can put the bar on the floor to do sit-ups and triceps dips.

I love using my pull-up bar at least three times a day. I’ll just be walking in or out of my room, stop, do five pull-ups or do five leg lifts and I’m on my way. I like to do a full 30 minutes of working out though for strength training at least two times per week. Adults ages 19-50 should ideally be working out at least 150 minutes per week. Cardio should be at a minimum of three times per week (to avoid heart disease, cancer, stroke, or obesity), and strength training twice per week as well as flexibility exercises (like yoga) to build muscle and avoid morbidity.

The Perfect pull-up at home gym can be ordered and assembled very easily. I got mine for only $29 and you can too!