How to Get Motivated

I need to come clean and admit something… I find it hard at times to continue to write blog posts. I love making recipes, but struggle with ideas for blog posts. With how busy I get, I can’t always find the motivation to keep writing every day every week. That’s why I only post once a week or every few weeks sometimes. So here I am about to dish out advice on how to get motivated, so anyone reading this can benefit, but also so that I can remind myself how to dig down and get motivated again.

Whether a task be writing, school work, work in general, cleaning or organizing, losing weight, or working out, sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. It’s different to want something compared to being motivated to actually doing it.

So how do we take the pressure off of needing to do something and turning it in to wanting to do it?

How to Get Motivated


First and foremost, STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

I can’t stand excuses. As a nutritional wellness coach, I’ve heard all sorts of excuses on why people don’t eat right or work out. People trying to lose weight on their own usually always have some excuse to why they can’t do it or don’t have time. Same thing goes for people I know that are broke. I can give tips and advice for budgeting all day, but all I hear is excuses and don’t see people actually change. I recently even wrote a book, “How to Attend a Conference like a Bootstrapped Entrepreneur” it felt so good to write that book, such an accomplishment. The funny thing is, is I was motivated enough to write that book, so why can’t I write more for my blog? No more excuses! I can only just keep motivated to keep writing.  As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I can admit I don’t feel motivated sometimes because I feel that I get so wrapped up in work, but I still have the time to write, I just need to be passionate about it again.

So try this, instead of saying “I don’t or I can’t ______ (fill in the blank), because ______ (fill in)”

Say “I can ______, because ______. I will work on this because I want to ________”.

Here’s an example.

Bad: “I don’t write enough because I get too wrapped up in work and other things”

Good: “I can write more because I will make the time to by making it a priority when I first wake up. I will work on this because I want to improve my blog, write more books, and keep my readers engaged.”

Now you try it!

Next tip, List the Reasons Why.

Make a list of all the benefits to sticking to what your goal is. Keep this list somewhere you can read it easily daily. Even if you have to set an alarm on your phone for a note to pop up, do it. Making a list will once again reignite that fire to get motivated. Once you see all the reasons right in front of you, instead of racking your brain daily for a reason you should be doing something, it’ll be easier to actually do the task. Keep the end result in mind!

Get an Accountability Partner.

Sometimes people work best when they have a someone looking over them to keep them accountable. I know I do better if I’m given a task and then a due date! It’s best to find a friend that needs to keep at a goal and each day just send a simple text asking if they’ve done that task yet or not. Integrity is the key here though. If one of you says “yah I ate right and worked out today” when you really didn’t, you’re just cheating yourself and lying to your friend to look good… which isn’t good… you’re a jerk if you do that! Make up a system. If you’re going to keep each other accountable, have a reward system in the end.

Have a Reward System.

If you’re working with a friend, every time one of you skips a day of writing, eating right, working out, etc. then you owe a $1 (or whatever amount) to the accountability account. Then that money goes to charity every month, three months, six months. If you don’t have any money accrued because you’ve stayed on track, treat yourself! Make a bet with your friend. Whomever has the least money in the accountability account, takes the other one out for dinner.

If you’re working alone at accountability and your goal, you can still create an accountability account.

Stay Positive and Stay Passionate.

When you’re about to do the task, don’t dread it, instead think positively of why you love it. Let’s say you’re about to work out but you don’t have the motivation to. Think of how awesome it makes you feel, think of how good you’ll look and feel once you keep at it, think about how it benefits your heart, weight, etc. Tell yourself “I love doing this. Doing this makes me happy.” So I say “I love to write. I must never forget that, I do love to write. Writing makes me happy.” I once read that in order to develop a habit, it must be done for 20 days straight and continued (and I wish I could quote this but I can’t remember the exact source). So 20 days of self positive talk is what needs to happen!

I could go on and on but this is already very  long and I’m at least proud I even wrote this today!

I want to hear from you, what’s the one area you currently need the most motivation in? @Blendhappy