Facebook and Friendships

Do we truly know who our “real” friends are these days? How much are we really relying on Facebook and other social media platforms to keep our friendships maintained? We call people our “friends” but are they really a friend or just faux paux friends? Facebook and friendships are not what we think they are.

I’ve started to notice lately when I meet people, within an hour they’re asking if I’m on Facebook. Then a friend request pops up and I contemplate letting this person into my life to know all the personal details of it. Sometimes I even get requests from people I’ve never met and I’m thinking how the heck did they find me? I’m private. It looks like we aren’t as private as we think we are. I also wonder if people are just trying to build up their friend list? It shouldn’t be about quantity, it should be about quality when it comes to friends.

So let’s say I accept the friend request, now what? Now it becomes about status updates and we barely “talk” to one another unless it’s a quick comment on a post or photo. I’ve realized I don’t even have real conversations with half the people on my so called “friend” list. Worst of all, I reach out via text, phone call, or private message to hang out or converse with people, but people rarely reach out to me or respond back. We update social media about our lives so much that the chance to have meaningful friendships declines because everyone already knows what all their “friends” are already up to.

The real-time communication is dying, it’s become all about status updates.

Everybody acts like they’re “too busy”, and for a while with doing my business, working another job, going to school online, and playing sports I was that person too. Not anymore now; now I take the time to reconnect. Sure it’s not always reciprocated, but at least I put in the effort. I can’t say all my friends do this, I am at least grateful for the ones who put effort back. I don’t intend for this post to sound negative by any means, the point I’m making is that we should all step it up a bit and make an effort to really reconnect with more of the people we call “friends”.

It really takes small efforts to reconnect with people. It can start with a phone call, even if it’s just a quick one. It’s funny how a lot of cell phones have these cheap plans for unlimited minutes, yet we don’t even use the phone to call people anymore. Most people say they don’t like chatting on the phone. Why? Is it awkward? Do you not know what to say? Is it because Facebook is the new way to communicate? Texting also seems to be the new way to communicate, but personally I at least think that’s better than just looking at status updates on Facebook since you’re reaching out in a more personal way. Another thing people could do is instead of watching TV, call someone, or watch the show together. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to connect with a friend. Try a new restaurant with someone. Go for a walk. Be workout partners. There are plenty of ways to reach out to people and build stronger bonds. Don’t let Facebook become the only way you communicate. Enrich your life with beautiful friendships.