10 Easy Balance Ball Core Workouts

I love working my core out, and the best part is, the exercises to work your core aren’t that difficult. As easy as core work might seem to be, the exercises really do help strengthen the core. Doing core workouts is great to improve posture, strengthen and tighten, help lose weight,  prevent or help lower back pain, as well as improve balance.

First things first, you must Buy a Stay Ball or balance ball to do these workouts at home. Get some water and get ready to work your core.

Do each exercise for 16-20 reps or 30, 60, 0r 90 seconds long. Do all the exercises in order two or three times total.

Here is the list of exercises, but I recommend watching the video in order to see how to do each exercise.

1. Plank. Works the core.

2. Push-aways. Works the core.

3. Crunches. Works the core.

4. Wall Squats. Works the core, legs, and butt.

5. Pushups. Works shoulders, upper back, and core.

6. Arm to leg toss. Works arms, legs, and core.

7. Bridges/Hip Thrusts. Works butt, legs, and core.

8. Leg Push-aways. Works legs and core.

9. Superman Stability. Works core, butt, and back.

10. Side leg raises. Works core and legs.