Chocolate Dessert Bars

Miles of Chocolate offers baked chocolate dessert bars that are like a cross between a brownie and a truffle. It’s like the two made love and this is it’s love child. These baked chocolate dessert bars have a crisp outside and a truffle inside. It’s seriously the best chocolate dessert bar I’ve ever had and knew this immediately the first time I had ever taken a bite. Some even say, “It’s love at first bite”, and I can agree to that!

I met Miles Compton, of Miles of Chocolate, at the Veteran Affairs Clinic in Austin, TX. I saw him wearing the MOC shirt and asked if he worked for them, he replied “Well I am Miles of Chocolate, I’m Miles Compton” and the conversation began. Since the lovely day in  February of 2011 I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Miles Compton and Ben Welch, the master baker, even better. Miles is a Vietnam veteran, and by far the coolest Vietnam Vet I’ve ever met!  He is kind, loving, silly, fun and hardworking. Ben is calm, cool, collected, talented and hardworking.

These two men work hard, with heart, and yet still know how to have a good time! There’s a lot of time that goes into creating the Miles of Chocolate baked dessert bar (it’s NOT a brownie!) and their hard work and dedication shouldn’t go unnoticed. Two men, one company, Miles of Chocolate for all to enjoy.

I spent a day with Miles and Ben in honor of chocolate week to interview them and see the process of Miles of Chocolate. Now you can watch as I go behind the scenes to show you how this heavenly creation is made.

More information, ingredients, nutrition facts and ordering can be done at

Also, there’s Gluten Free Miles of Chocolate available for the same price as the regular and tastes just the same, some have even said it tastes better!