7 Resistance Band Exercises | Part 2 Lower Body

By Heather | Apr 10, 2015 | Comments Off on 7 Resistance Band Exercises | Part 2 Lower Body

Last week I shared seven upper body resistance band exercises with you and now as promised I have made the video for seven more resistance band exercises but this time with lower body. I also threw in a few combo moves of how to work both shoulders and legs. I love leg and core workouts.…

7 Resistance Band Exercises|Part 1 Upper Body

By Heather | Apr 4, 2015 | Comments Off on 7 Resistance Band Exercises|Part 1 Upper Body

I love resistance band exercises so much, they’re certainly one of my top favorite workouts to do at home or at the gym. There are so many exercises you can do with resistance bands, but I’ve started with seven upper body exercises to get you started and will continue with lower body exercises next week.…

15 Minute Abs Workout

By Heather | Mar 27, 2015 | Comments Off on 15 Minute Abs Workout
abs workout

Get ripped abs from this 15 Minute Abs Workout after as little as days of working out your abs three times per week. I started p90x in 2009 and did it three times in three years. It really works and I love the motivation from Tony Horton. I have also tried Insanity, BodyBeast, and PiYo;…

Fruit Yogurt Granola Breakfast

By Heather | Mar 23, 2015 | Comments Off on Fruit Yogurt Granola Breakfast
yogurt granola breakfast

This fruit yogurt granola breakfast is so simple, yet so delicious. It could also be an after dinner treat too. I got the idea for this one morning when I was sick of eating yogurt by itself. I first thought to put granola in it for an added texture (I love that crunch) and I…

Perfect Pullup exercises

By Heather | Mar 21, 2015 | Comments Off on Perfect Pullup exercises

Have you seen the Perfect Pull-up bar? The all-in-one at home gym? Do you have one? It’s been out for a looong time, but I have enjoyed mine for the past five years and decided it was time to share my at-home workouts with the world. Most people think the Perfect Pullup bar is for…

The Meaning of Life

By Heather | Mar 19, 2015 | Comments Off on The Meaning of Life

Most people might wonder, or want to ask God (or whomever you should choose to believe in), what the meaning of life is. Well, I’m no God, but I do know one thing… if you’re looking for the meaning of life, I’ll give it to you straight up,  it’s as simple as this: “Life is…

Worst and Best Gluten Free Products

By Heather | Mar 12, 2015 | Comments Off on Worst and Best Gluten Free Products
best gluten free products

I know, I know… you might be thinking the title should say “best and worst” but I talk about only a few of the worst gluten free products and then all about the best gluten free products in this video. Whether you’re celiac, gluten in tolerant, or just on a gluten free diet this video…

Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

By Heather | Mar 9, 2015 | Comments Off on Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe
avocado chicken salad recipe

I’ve discovered a new favorite lunch, it’s avocado chicken salad. Forget mayonnaise filled salad sandwiches and make this healthy avocado chicken salad recipe instead. Besides the fact that too much mayonnaise is unhealthy, I actually know some people who hate mayonnaise so I was inspired to try something new. So if you don’t like the…

10 Easy Balance Ball Core Workouts

By Heather | Mar 6, 2015 | Comments Off on 10 Easy Balance Ball Core Workouts
core workouts

I love working my core out, and the best part is, the exercises to work your core aren’t that difficult. As easy as core work might seem to be, the exercises really do help strengthen the core. Doing core workouts is great to improve posture, strengthen and tighten, help lose weight,  prevent or help lower…

Banana Nut Smoothie

By Heather | Mar 4, 2015 | Comments Off on Banana Nut Smoothie
banana nut smoothie

This banana nut smoothie recipe tastes just like Banana Nut Bread. At least this version is healthier though. I decided I wanted a nutty banana smoothie one morning for breakfast so I tried this out on a whim having no clue it would come out tasting like one of my favorite breakfast foods. I blended…