7 Resistance Band Exercises|Part 1 Upper Body

I love resistance band exercises so much, they’re certainly one of my top favorite workouts to do at home or at the gym. There are so many exercises you can do with resistance bands, but I’ve started with seven upper body exercises to get you started and will continue with lower body exercises next week. I will also show how to combine both upper and lower body exercises into one workout.

You can do most of these exercises with weights, but there certainly are a few that are better with bands (specifically the rowing exercises).

If you don’t have resistance bands you can buy this super sweet pack that I actually wish I had (and might need to order since I lost my red band).

7 Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises


1. Bicep curls (works biceps)

2. Tricep kickbacks (works triceps)

3. Upright and side arm/band raises (works shoulders and back)

4. Overhead band pulls (works chest, shoulders, and back)

5. Rows (works chest and back)

6. Tricep pulldowns (works triceps)

7. Cross-arm lifts (works shoulders and back)

Watch the video to see how to do each, and see the proper form. Remember to breathe in and out, as well as drink plenty of water with exercise.