7 Resistance Band Exercises | Part 2 Lower Body

Last week I shared seven upper body resistance band exercises with you and now as promised I have made the video for seven more resistance band exercises but this time with lower body. I also threw in a few combo moves of how to work both shoulders and legs. I love leg and core workouts. It feels so good to work my gluteus (butt), hamstrings, and quads). It’s amazing how you don’t necessarily need to have weight to get a good workout. With the resistance bands, you can workout you legs and still get them firm and toned with the bands alone. Make sure to do at least two days per week on strength training, at least one day dedicated to flexibility, and at least three days dedicated to cardio to avoid weight gain and bad health issues or to lose weight and help reverse some health issues. Exercise really helps with issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and so much more.

7 Lower Body Resistance Band Exercises


1. Shift and lifts. Works shoulders and legs.

2. Squats 2 ways. Works butt and thighs (hamstrings and quads).

3. Squat and leg lift. Works butt, thighs (hamstrings and quads), and butter tight muscles.

4. Crosswalk / Squatwalk. Works butt and thighs (hamstrings and quads).

5. One leg balance raises. Works butt and thighs (hamstrings and quads).

6. Four corners. Works butt and thighs (hamstrings and quads).

7. Squat arm and leg lift band raises. Works shoulders, butt, hamstrings, quads, and core.

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