30 Day Challenge

How much willpower do you have? Are you tough enough to take on a 30 Day Challenge? You can start a 30 day challenge at anytime for any reason. It just takes a goal, determination, and commitment.

If you can have the discipline to do something short term, let’s say juice fast for 7 days, try to see what else you can challenge yourself to do but for 30 days (personally, I don’t recommend 30 day juice fast at all!).

Remember when you were a kid and you got “grounded”? Maybe you weren’t allowed TV, computer, dessert? What did we learn from that?

  1. Not to do what we did wrong in the first place to get that punishment again
  2. That when being denied it, we wanted it more
  3. But the third, most valuable lesson to learn (that we didn’t see at that time) is that we actually COULD live without it

Reason number three is ultimately why we should take on a 30 day challenge as an adult! We are too old to be punishing ourselves, and the purpose of the challenge is definitely not so we want it more of something.

I was inspired to start a 30 day challenge after watching a TED talk featuring Matt Cutts talking about trying something new for 30 days. Then when my friend Ryan came into town, he told me about his challenge he was about to start. After the TED talk and some inspirational words from Ryan…. I decided I’d like to start one as well.

You can either try something new, cut something out, or change something. No matter which one you choose (or you can do all three!) this challenge is about  goal setting, determination, and  self-discipline.

Ideas for 30 day challenge

  • Cut out a certain bad food(s)
  • Increase a good food. Resolve to eat a certain vegetable for 30 days at least once a day
  • No swearing
  • A physical activity
  • Save X amount of money, or make a budget of how much you can spend daily
  • Do something selfless, last summer my friend Mike did “A Summer to Serve” and did a fantastic job completing his (longer than 30 day) challenge
  • Be absolutely positive, no negative self talk
  • No TV

Those were just a few. I could go on with plenty more, but this is up to you to decide which goal you will chose and conquer!

Best of Luck to you! Stay strong and make sure you are subscribed to Blendhappy Facebook for motivation, support and accountability! *Also if you read a recent post, you can see what my challenge is about!*