15 Minute Abs Workout

Get ripped abs from this 15 Minute Abs Workout after as little as days of working out your abs three times per week.

I started p90x in 2009 and did it three times in three years. It really works and I love the motivation from Tony Horton. I have also tried Insanity, BodyBeast, and PiYo; all which are amazing. The Insanity workouts are high intensity (expect to be very sore the next day) and the BodyBeast is just the right amount of intensity with amazing results. I love the PiYO because it’s a faster based yoga, and is almost like a mix of pilates and yoga. Even when I wasn’t doing the entire p90x workout, as in after my 90 minutes for 90 days, I still continued to do the Ab Ripper X workout. I started working on my abs when I was a teenager well into my years in the Army, but I needed a little more work to get them even more toned. Along with P90x Ab Ripper X I started doing other Ab workouts. I have plenty of Ab workouts to share but for now, I will share five exercises from Ab Ripper X and then a few of my own personal favorite Ab exercises.

5 P90x Ab Ripper X Workouts

1. In and outs. Do them 25 times.

2. Bicycles. Forward and Reverse. 25 times.

3. Crunchy frogs. 25 times.

4. Cross leg/wide leg sit-ups. 25 times.

5. Fifer Scissors. 25 times.

BONUS: 6th exercise. V-up/Roll-up Combos

3 of My Own Personal Favorite Exercises

1. Plank 3 ways. Hold the plank 30 seconds. Plank with left and right foot stomps. Plank with salutes.

2. Side plank, “thread the needle”

3. Side plank hip thrusts

Workout on the prAna yoga mat which is slip resistant and very durable. This mat will certainly not move and I love that for both Ab workouts and yoga.

Also take a look at the BeachBody video workouts and look into their program about trying all different workouts online.