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    Green Juice for Energy

    Green Juice for Energy

    With all the juicing recipes today, it’s hard to tell which one can help you lose weight or which one can help give you energy. Well to begin with, any juicing is better than no juicing…


    Bloody Mary Recipe

    Yes, this is a health blog… so that’s why I made a virgin Blood Mary, but I am not oblivious to the fact that some may choose to put some alcohol in this mix. This Bloody Mary…




    Have you heard the saying “forgive and forget”? Well it may not be easy for someone to forgive and forget, but it sure is a lot healthier to choose forgiveness. Choosing to forgive someone is not…


    Simple Pleasures in Life

    simple pleasures in life

    I absolutely love to travel. Sometimes I just want to pack up all my things and just go for three months of travel, but then I remember one-week vacations do me all the justice I need….

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