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    Strawberry Lemonade Juice Recipe

    strawberry lemonade

    I absolutely love lemonade. Especially strawberry lemonade. I’ve had raspberry, mint, and watermelon flavored lemonade too, but strawberry seems to be a the favorite among people. Lemons are cleansing, full of vitamin C, and strawberries have…


    Avocado Ginger Detox Juice

    In my Hurom Juicer recipe book there’s a detox juice recipe that’s delicious and also good for pain and inflammation. I love the recipes in the book so I’ll be making some videos on recipes. Apples…


    Blender Bottle

    blender bottle

    Even though I love to blend in my blender, I have found the Blender Bottle to be very useful when I need a quick protein shake. The Blender Bottle can shake up a shake with peanut…


    You Are Awesome!

    ways to reduce stress

    Often people are so busy judging others that they often overlook people’s finer qualities. Finding the best in people isn’t something we do often, but we should. I once had a friend that would say “let’s…

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