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    It’s important to be educated and understand nutrition in order to start living a healthier life. Follow the blog to learn better eating habits.

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  • excersize


    Daily exercise is essential to healthy living. Nutrition is a great start, but combined with exercise, it is the true recipe for success.

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  • think


    Read positive articles daily to shape your mindset. Find the encouragement, love, and compassion you need to keep going.

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    Meet Heather

    A nutritionist and health and wellness coach who’s passionate about helping others live healthier, feel better, and be the best they can be.

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The Best Blenders And Juicers to Buy

  • blendtec


    Blendtec is climbing it’s way to be #1 and it’s no surprise this hardy little blender
    is blending it’s way to the top with it’s high-tech program and powerful action. This blender and additional jars are able to make batters, ice cream, nut butter, hot soup, and more. There’s a variety of color to choose from and they look great in the kitchen.

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  • vitamix


    Vitamix has been the #1 blender on the market for the past decade. It’s uniquely designed and engineered to blend the toughest recipes while also having the capability to make dough, nut butters, ice cream, and even hot soup. It’s what all the professional chefs use in the kitchen.

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  • hurom-juicer

    Hurom Juicer

    This slow cold-press juicer is the best bang for the buck. It’s been featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, and even news channels. It’s a quiet machine that extracts the most juice while maintaining the most nutrients and fiber.

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Choose from a wide variety of delicious recipes

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    Choose from a variety of green smoothie recipes, fruity blends, veggie blends, mixed blends, and even some sweet healthy dessert blends.

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  • bland2_img


    Juicing isn’t just for cleanses; make some juice daily to go along with meals or have in between. Choose from a variety of fruit juices, vegetable juices, and fun flavorful combination juices.

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  • bland3_img


    With all the juice fasts and cleanses as well as the smoothie craze, it’s important to eat whole foods still and enjoy clean eating. Healthy eating does not have to be hard or boring. Follow our blog for tasty dishes made by a nutritionist.

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